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Monday June 9--Stockton, Ks

Weather today started quite cool about 44 degrees and was overcast - looked like rain and many riders wore jackets as they left Norton. Around 10 o'clock the sun came out and the temperature rose to the upper seventies in the afternoon.

After I sent my report last evening a call came informing me that a rider was on the way to the Norton Hospital with sever exhaustion and dehydration. When I arrived at the hospital I found the rider and found out that the hospital had informed her that if she could hold some food down they would release her. The doctors suggested that she not ride for a day or so and she promised that she would take it easy and obey the doctors.

This morning I had breakfast at the health food store in Norton and proceeded to follow the riders. At Glade I visited the Glade Mall and made a few purchases. I then was approached by a Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper who informed me that another rider was in the Hospital in Norton and was to be released soon and she needed to be picked up and transported back to her group (scheduled to be in Stockton this evening). I drove back and got her and eventually she were reattached to her group. She had an upset stomach and the doctors suspected appendicitis -- so that was the reason she was transported by ambulance to the hospital. A good many moments of concern, but it all seems to have come out well.

A note about the Kansas Highway Troopers. There were two of them patrolling a 22 mile section where two routes were going in opposite directions. They waved every time I met them and they sure helped make that section safe for the riders. Also they said several times that if we need anything to give them a call. Two really nice troopers here in this part of the state. Thanks!

Stockton (the city we are in tonight) has a big dinner planned that will be served at the school. It seems that all of the riders are looking forward to this meal. I think those headwinds are taking their toll and the riders need more nourishment. Even though they have had two hard days in a row, their spirits seem to be really high and no one is complaining at all about anything. They seem to be smiling all the time.

Tomorrow, I will change to another route it will seem strange not to see those smiling faces that have befriended me here on the Bashful route.
Larry Christie


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