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June 13 Report

Friday June 13--Holton, KS


This was the last full day on BAK'97 and the riders all seemed in good spirits and even enjoyed the small bumpty bumps as they came later in the day.

The Affectionate group left Wamego and were directed along a slightly route because of concerns of heavy traffic along the original route. It seemed that this replacement had excellent pavement and was even shorter by almost one mile. They had a rest stop near a cemetery that had a lot of deaths from cholera and some asked if that spot was planned since that route is still suffering from the flue or some thing that makes people very sick for about 6 to 8 hours.

The Bashful group left Manhattan and visited the Tuttle Creek Reservoir. and then started the long and very bumpy section for the rest of the day.

The Kongenial group left Frankfort and was the only group this year to have a real hill (Sign) it was short but very steep. Most seemed to have little trouble navigating this small obstacle to their adventure.

All three groups are in the newly remolded high school here in Holton. On our way into town we were greeted by many signs greeting us and telling us what to do this evening. The chamber had an information booth set up at the school where they passed out information, jobs available, and Extra edition to the local newspaper and many other items of interest. Shuttle buses will start at 2:30 and will shuttle people around town and to the local casino. The court house square is set up with food booths and many of the stores will stay open until our evening meeting which will be held at 8:30 on the square.

The weather today started with temperatures around the low 60's this morning and climbing to he low 80's this afternoon. Very little wind was apparent at all. The sun came out late morning and seemed to brighten up an already pleasant day.

Norma's Report

Greetings from BAK Two: Just getting into Holton and what a sight! The school has three huge gymnasiums and two of them are full! Tents all over the grounds outside. The school is beautiful and quite large. I'm sure all of BAK will be accommodated. Big screen TV on and operating (with a large audience). The massage therapists already have a waiting line, and the computer lab will be open so that the people can send and receive their own e-mail.

Local eating establishments have food booths set up in the court house square, and the shuttle has started taking people to various places in the city. What a delightful time for BAK! Thank you, City of Holton!

--Norma Christie

Sherry McKee's Report

Hey everybody, if you weren't on BAK this week then you just missed out on one of the best rides in the US.! I can't believe this week is almost over...I haven't even had a chance to wear some of the clothes I packed...for those just in case days. Next year, I will pack less....something I say every year.

My two kids pedaled 35 miles through the hills around Soldier and Holton, Kansas, today. I'm so proud....I even got on my old Centurion for 12 miles with them today. Felt good.

BAK was really impressed by the hospitality of the towns we pedaled through this year. Homemade pies galore, sloppy joes, scalloped potatoes, monstrous pork chops....(more like ham steaks), and homemade ice cream. In Soldier, Kansas, the honorable mayor, Ida, took it upon herself and rounded up the Rottweiler-killer-dog named "Angus" to keep him from chasing down the cyclists as they headed into town.

Everybody this year has been talking about how great the weather was...thanks to Larry! Why is it he gets all the credit for the good weather?

We all made some new friends this year as well as renewed some old friendships, and we hope that people have also picked up a bicycling tip or two and have learned some important rules of the road.

To those of you who ride, we'll see you down the road....and to those of you who don't, find yourself and bike and join us for a week of scenery, eating, and camaraderie.

--Sherry McKee, Director


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