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Wednesday June 11--Washington, Kansas

This morning we arose to a light sprinkle that came and went nearly all morning around noon though the sun came out at last to complete another very nice day. The temperature this morning was 72 degrees and with the light shower along with it's rainbows made thing quite comfortable and pretty. This afternoon the temperature climbed to around 80.

This morning I was in Lincoln where there was a breakfast catered in the school commons area. Good- but the pastries were slow and many didn't want to wait for them. We headed east through some ever increasing rolling Bumpty Bumps (hills) to Tescott where the restaurant and the bar had sent us information about having breakfast and lunch available. The restaurant was severely over stressed with only the two owners to wait tables and cook. Many of the bikers pitched in and washed dishes and waited tables until all were happy. Then again east to Bennington where we were met with home made cookies and other snacks that were being sold by the Jr. High Cheerleaders. The cookies were very good. Bennington will also be host to the Bashful route tonight where they are planning a pleasant evening for the participants. The Affectionate route went on and will stay in Abilene this evening. Many of the riders are planning on going to the museums there in Abilene. I left the Affectionate group at Bennington and passed the SAG Hags (a fun group of SAG drivers) on my way to US 81 which I took north through many construction areas. At Belleville I met Norma (Christie) and had lunch with her. After lunch, I went on to Washington where the city had a welcome booth at the edge of town. The Kongenial route has had a newlywed couple with them this week and they were presented with the key to the honeymoon suite at a local motel.

This is my first time this week with the Kongenial Route and I am looking forward to seeing many old friends this evening. Tomorrow this group will go to Frankfort for the evening.

Even though the sky was leaking a little today, the riders seemed to be having a very good time and enjoying the slight increase in the amount of trees, bumpty bumps and people. The traffic has been very courteous mostly, and the roads have been quite smooth. Tomorrow I will go check out the roads in an area of concern and won't be with the riders much until I get to Manhattan, Kansas (The Little Apple) where I will spend the evening.
Larry Christie


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