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Sunday June 8

Last night was the first night of rest after riding and most of the riders slept well. The evening meetings were interesting and enjoyed by nearly all riders. they had discussions on safety, instructions for the next day, the awarding of prizes and the training wheels award. The five dollar drawing has a new twist this year. each evening we draw a name out of the that and if they have their badge on, have checked out and in for the day are given the choice of $5 or of having their name added for the second time to the Serota bicycle drawing. The money not awarded will be added to the drawing for the next night. All three routes winners elected to have their names added to the drawing. We will soon see how much it takes for them to take the money.

Most people took part in the breakfast at the community center provided by the swim club in Colby as a money making effort. Good pancakes and sausage with Orange juice, Coffee and Milk. Soon the bikers were on the road to their next nights stops. Two of the routes proceeded to Selden for lunch at the Cafe, even though the proprietors were expecting us they still had a good deal of trouble serving this many hungry bikers. Some of the riders washed dishes and bused tables and delivered meals helping the owners provide better service. Just a few more mile down the road we stopped at Jennings for the Czech Museum and Kolaches. Then down the road to Norton for the group I will be with this evening. What things of interest will happen tonight --- I will let you know tomorrow.

The weather cooperated again today with southerly winds and temperatures of less than 80 for a high.Just a note for those sending email. Most of the email being received we will not be able to deliver because no name and route information is included in message. Some of the mail will be delivered after trying to piece together first names and last names of senders, but in some cases there is no return address and names like "DAD." Include complete name and route information and your email will be delivered within 3 days.
Larry Christie


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