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Update: 5:00 PM CDT, Marysville, KS
Today's Director's Report!
New photos from today.
Special Report from BAK rider Lenny Savino.
It was a hot one out there today, with little wind and a cloudless sky, but BAK cyclists forged ahead and managed to have a good time anyway. Temperatures climbed into the low 90s.

All three routes converged for about 20 miles today, so there were plenty of cyclists on the stretch of K-9 between Greenleaf and Blue Rapids. Both the Bedazzled and the Adorable routes started in Concordia and headed east on an extremely flat stretch to Clyde, where they were welcomed by the Chamber of Commerce and served cookies and lemonade. Rumor has it that a local restaurant was inundated with hungry bikers and practically "cleaned out" of their food supply! In Clifton, local residents passed out ice cold popsicles to passing cyclists, probably to prepare them for the hilly stretch ahead.

The Karefree riders began their morning in Belleville and headed east on US 36. Several stopped in the town of Cuba famous for their Czech Kolaches (pastries). They turned south in Washington and converged with the other two routes on to Frankfort for the evening.

The town of Barnes provided a great lunch at a local church, where they served sloppy joes, ham sandwiches and a wide selection of tasty desserts. After lunch, the Adorable riders had it easy with only had another 12 miles to go to their destination in Blue Rapids, for a daily total of 64 miles. The Bedazzled and the Karefree riders had a just a few more miles to make it to their destinations in Marysville and Frankfort respectively. Their daily mileage was about 75.

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