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Across Kansas

5:45 PM CDT Colby, Kansas
Biking Across Kansas 1996 got off to a great start today, thanks to mild temperatures and light winds. Nearly 1000 cyclists left the Colorado state line
at 8:30 CDT this morning to begin an 8-day journey across the State of Kansas.
The temperature was in the 80's with light winds from the southeast. These kind of riding conditions are just what the riders needed on their first day's ride.

Cyclists on the Bedazzled route rode the gently rolling hills of US 36 from the Colorado Border to their overnight stop in Atwood, for a total of 56 miles. They are spending the night at the Atwood High School.

Cyclists on both the Adorable and the Karefree routes started at the Colorado border just west of Kanorado, on US 24. Their 56 mile ride was mostly flat, with just a few small hills just before the overnight destination of Colby. The Adorable Route is staying at the brand-new Colby High School, and the Karefree Route is staying at the Colby Middle School.

A note for the people sending e-mail to the ride. We appreciate receiving your messages, but we ask again that you Include the full name of the person the message is directed to and their route (if known). We have been receiving messages with no identifing marks, from sender or sendee. If you want your messages to be received, please include this info.

Due to technical problems with our digital camera, photographs of the today's ride will not be available this evening. With some luck, we'll post today's photos (and the rest) in a couple of days. We're taking pictures, but we are unable to get them digitized at the moment. Sorry.

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