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4:00 PM CDT, Stockton, Kansas

Hello out there to all our web "participants" on BAK. It's been great to hear from you! It was yet another cloudless day here in Kansas, with light south winds and highs in the 80's. After yesterday's wind, riders were upbeat about today's ride.

Cyclists on the Bedazzled route rode 64 miles on US 24 from Hoxie to Hill City for lunch and eventually ended up in Stockton for the evening. They are staying at the Stockton High School. Another community-sponsored dinner will be served at the high school this evening, at 5:00 pm.

Besides the gently rolling hills, the highlight of the day was the Cottonwood Ranch, located just outside of Studley. It was established in the 1870's and was a successful sheep ranch for many years, and has now been restored by the State of Kansas.

Cyclists on the Adorable route, pedaled the scenic rolling hills from Norton to Phillipsburg, for a daily total of 52 miles. The Karefree Route left the town of Lenora this morning after a hospitable stay and being enterntained by some great piano playing, courtesy of a talented BAK rider. They headed east on K-9, through Phillipburg for lunch and onward to Smith Center, a total of 75 miles.

A big thanks to the Stockton High School staff for allowing us to use an office and their phone line to make this update possible. The computer problems are behind us now (yay!!) and we'll be able to post photographs either later this evening or tomorrow. Check this page for an update.

We've been receiving e-mail from family and well-wishers at a steady rate and many of the messages have been delivered, but we're still trying to deliver a few to their rightful recipients. Rest assured, we're doing the best we can.:)

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