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I began the week with some trepidation, mostly because I had accepted the responsibility of being one of three Karefree Route Directors. My fears were quickly alleviated at registration when Amy, Scott, and I finally had a chance to work together. As the riders came in, I realized that all of my worries were without due cause. I remembered exactly why I like Biking Across Kansas.

I like BAK because of the people. It is the one week in the entire year where I have a renewed vigor for life, and a stronger confidence in the goodness of people. I didn't have to worry about my money being stolen, or my belongings rummaged through. I could relax, have a good time, and meet lots of friendly people. I must say, I think I was spoiled by the Karefree Route. Even though we had the most difficult ride with headwinds, heat, and hills, our riders kept smiling, and focused on the goal-- to have safe fun. As we trekked across the state, I learned more about myself and my goals for the future. I remembered how nice it is to meet people with a smile in the morning, and here about their adventures for the day.

Now that I have returned home from BAK, I'm enthusiastic about what lies ahead of me. As I volunteer, work, and PLAY this summer, I will retain my enthusiasm and happiness gained from BAK 2000 and miss my dear karefree (and other routes too) friends. I hope to see you all next year, and thank you oh-so-much for a great week!


Joy Delamaide

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