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Most BAK riders enjoyed strong northwesterly tailwinds today that pushed them quickly to their destinations in Belleville and Concordia.

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Here's a report from BAK founder and Trustee, Larry Christie:

Tuesday June 13, 2000

Norma and I are in Mankato today. Here we are four days into the seven and one-half day trip across Kansas. The time is really going fast, we passed the half waypoint today.

The groups have experienced a lot of weather, from really nice to really windy and really rainy. Today the groups crossed paths in Downs, one group was fighting a severe headwind and of course another group was experiencing a very nice tail wind and the other was having trouble with a crossing wind. The last two days we experienced quite warm temperatures in the late afternoon. The mornings have all been really nice with cool temperatures and no winds.

Last night I have been told the Bedazzled group was in the small gym in Stockton (the big gym had just been refinished) the local officials were warning our leaders of a possible severe storm with possible tornado activity. Our leader in charge had the bikes removed from the halls and taken outside so that there was room for the riders to be in the halls in case of trouble. We have heard that several of the riders thought that their bikes were more important than the lives of the riders and consequently were quite hostile to the leaders. Our leader made the correct decision and he has our support.

Here in Mankato the school is air-conditioned and the riders are looking forward to a good cool nights rest. They haven't yet realized that the gym is below ground level and because of that the outside noises are not going to wake them in the morning. In past years we have seen the riders sleep later here in Mankato than other schools. It won't hurt them at all because tomorrow they don't have very far to go.

Yesterday we stopped at a bank and purchased a number of the new golden dollars and have passed them out to the leaders to leave on the gym floor for the clean up crew to find. They are new and uncirculated and are really pretty. It will be interesting to see who finds them and their reaction.

For Norma and myself we are having a good time and are letting the leaders make their own decisions. We are really under much less pressure than we have been for many years.

Larry Christie

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