Survey #17--June 16, 2001
Tell us your thoughts on BAK 2001?
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Survey #16--May 26, 2001
What part of BAK do you most anticipate; what is your greatest worry?
Top Answers:
Touring Kansas and Adverse Weather

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Survey #15--May 18, 2001
What is your favorite souvenir item in the BAK participant's packet?
Top Answers:

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Survey #14--May 12, 2001
After a day's ride on BAK, what is your favorite food and dessert for dinner?
Top Answers:
Pasta and Ice Cream.

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Survey #13--May 5, 2001
What is your favorite kind of music and favorite singer(s)?
Top Answers:
Classic Rock and The Beatles.

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Survey #12--April 28, 2001
Which of the following is, or would be your favorite portion of the nightly BAK group meetings?

Top Answer:
Announcements, highlights and directions for next day's ride.

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Survey #11--April 21, 2001
What times will you awaken and retire during BAK?
Top Answers:
Awaken: 5:00-6:00 AM
Retire: 10:00-11:00 PM

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Survey #10--April 14, 2001
What is your age?
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Survey #9--April 7, 2001
How many miles per week are you riding to train for BAK?
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Survey #8--March 31, 2001
What are your lodging plans for BAK?
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Survey #7--March 24, 2001
How many times have you previously participated on BAK?
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Survey #6--March 17, 2001
Which region of Kansas do you most look
forward to riding through on BAK 2001?
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Survey #5--March 10, 2001
What's your favorite BAK breakfast food?
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Survey #4--March 3, 2001
What kind of bicycle will you ride on BAK?
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Survey #3--Feb 24, 2001
What is your favorite food at a SAG stop
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Survey #2--Feb 17, 2001
How do you plan to get to the start of BAK?
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Survey #1--Feb 10, 2001
What factor most influences you in choosing a BAK route?
Top Answer: Towns & Attractions View Full Results»