Biking Across Kansas
June 7 June 8 June 9 June 10 June 11 June 12 June 13 June 14 BAK 2003 Route Map rider & windmill

Biking Across Kansas took place June 7 to 14. Click on a date to the left to read a brief note about that day's ride.

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BAK Photo Gallery
Over 300 photos taken during BAK 2003 from each of the three routes.
Photographers include: Roger Kenney, Christy Hinz, Joy Delamaide, Dave Rohr, Anthony Kraybill, Diana Enns. Click on any photo to view an enlargement.(Note: Photos are presented in no particular order.)

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Veteran BAK rider Chet Wilcox asked us to put a link to his site (see below) that follows his current trek across the USA following the trail of Lewis and Clark. Chet would love to get email from any BAK riders.

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