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Director's Report, June 9

In Hutchinson, the bikers were spoiled by an extra large gym that was almost freezing cold, ice cream, good food, specials and discounts at the Cosmosphere. Many took a short cut from St John so they had another short day. Lunch was windy in the refuge but enjoyable. This morning in a light shower the Komfy Route departed for their next to the longest day about 77 miles. Some of which was directly into the wind which was gusting at about 40 mph.

The Bizarre Route Left Lindsborg and proceeded to Abilene. The Acceptable route left Lyons and traveled over some very nice county roads nearly half of their day, and will be spending the evening in Marion.

I was scheduled to stay in Marion but somehow my reservation at the local motel was misplaced so I came to Eldorado and will be with the Komfy route this evening. Sure do wish that when you make a reservation six months in advance in a smaller town with only one motel that they could remember to hold that reservation. I was looking forward to a stay in Marion to take part in the activities that were planned.

Most of my day was spent driving. I left Hutchinson with my next stop Topeka to pick up some additional caps that we had ordered on Monday. Thanks to Embroidery Plus they were able to furnish what we needed in a very short order. Thanks Kim and Ed. Tomorrow the Komfy route will go to Burlington, the Acceptable route will go to Emporia and the Bizarre route will go to Council Grove.

Larry Christie


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