2nd Director's Report: June 16

BAK Director's Report #2: June 16

Here we are at the end of another BAK. As the Committee and Leaders sit in Larry and Norma's motel room in Parsons, Kansas, planning for the final Friday night meeting, we all enjoy reminiscing over the events of the last eight days. So many flavors of people to meet and enjoy. They all make up a vital part of our trip, and it wouldn't be the same without any of them. We have fun coming together for a week of bicycling, renewing old acquaintances and making new friends.. Then as we scatter at the end of our week of bicycling experiences, we each go our own way back to our daily lives to face life's challenges for yet another year..

Well, one hour away from the final meeting and we are already planning for BAK '96 - trying to make it an even better experience for all of you.

Sometimes we wonder if we are doing the right thing, but then looking at the faces of all of you, especially those of the first time riders, just makes it all worth while.

See you next year. Keep the faith.

Sherry McKee, Director
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