Director's Report: June 16

BAK Director's Report: June 16

Here we are in Parsons, with nearly 1,000 riders and support personnel. We are staying at the Labette Community College Gymnasium and also a community building. This will be a very tight sleeping arrangement tonight since the community building won't be available until 10:00 PM. Parsons has a population of 11,657 and is the largest community we have visited this year. The Chamber of Commerce provided us with a welcoming table with key chains, markers, pencils, cookies, drinks and a big smile.

The roads today had heavier traffic, and the road from Sedan had twice as many riders because two routes were together. Norma left Sedan and attempted to cut across to the Bodacious route to help with the "Truck Lunch" and had to make a detour because of high water.

As always, this, our last night, seems kind of sad and many people don't want to have this week stop. At 6:00 PM the leaders are expected to come to our suite for a final meeting with them. We will ask for suggestions for the Spirit Award, and will present them with a small gift for all their hard work. We'll have a big group meeting tonight at 8:30 instead of 9:00 and will allow the three routes to have some time to for a final meeting. We will recognize the Route Directors and Junior Route Directors and The Director Sherry McKee. We will have the Green Dot Ceremony where the green dots that were placed on each of the new riders badges will be removed and they will no longer be classified as Beginners.

The Temperature today started out at 67 degrees hazy, calm and changed to about 84 degrees cloudy with a southerly wind of about 15 MPH. Since the riders had several stretches of going north the were nearly all displaying big smiles when they arrived here in Parsons.

Larry Christie, Director
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