Biking Across Kansas

BAK COVID-19 Safety Measures

Your safety, the safety of other riders, and the safety of the communities in which we stay are our highest priority. Note that we will be abiding by KDHE, county, city, and host school districts’ respective regulations/ordinances/mandates that are in place at the time of the June tour. BAK will be monitoring the situation and will update this information as conditions evolve throughout the spring.

Please note that both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals will be participating on BAK .
It is the shared responsibility of both organizers and participants to maintain a sanitary and healthy environment during BAK. We urge the following steps be taken to prevent the spread of contagious illnesses within our group and the communities we pass through and stay:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water on a frequent basis.
  • Carry hand sanitizer and use it frequently.
  • Be sure to pack a face mask and carry it with you on the bike for situations that may require it.
  • If you feel sick at any time during the event, immediately notify a BAK medic or staff member. 
  • Stay home if you test positive for, or are recovering from COVID-19, the flu, or other contagious illness.

Each participant will be required to abide by the measure above and the Illness/Injury and COVID Compliance outlined in the Biking Across Kansas, Inc. | BAK 2022 Release Form. (Review full BAK 2022 Release Form here.)

Safety at Overnight Facilities
Schools serve as BAK’s overnight accommodations and home base each day. During BAK 2022, everyone should be prepared to tent outdoors on school grounds. BAK will make every effort to offer LIMITED indoor sleeping at the schools. However, indoor sleep is contingent on the prevailing conditions of COVID-19 in June. If indoor sleeping is allowed, seniors (65 and over) and those with medical conditions will have first priority. Please note that those sleeping indoors do so at their own risk. (See Lodging section on BAK Information page for more about sleeping options.)

Safety at SAG (Rest) Stops
SAG stops will include hand sanitizer, handwashing stations, and sanitization/disinfectant solution/supplies for cleaning surfaces. Whole fruit, single serve wrapped snacks, and hands-free water spigots. Handwashing will be required prior to being served at any SAG stop. Upon arrival at each SAG stop, participants must remove their cycling gloves and wash their hands prior to being served.

Safety Regarding the SAG Wagon
We will be limiting SAG wagon service to those who have mechanical issues. Those riders using the SAG wagon service due to a mechanical issue will be expected to wear a mask while loading their bike onto and while riding in the SAG vehicle. Air conditioning will not be available in this vehicle, and it will be sanitized after each transport. 

Safety Regarding Chartered Bus Services
Currently, the chartered bus coordinators, who are third-party vendors, are requiring masks during transport.