Director's Report: June 17

BAK Director's Report: June 17

On Saturday, our last day together, we found "Chris Cakes" at the Community Building with the College Cheerleaders helping serve the breakfast of pancakes, sausage, juice and coffee. The line was long but as we well know, Chris Cakes can serve 1,000 people in about an hour. Our group is larger now that all three routes are together and some family members have joined us for the last day.

Last night, the city closed the street in front of the School so that there was no traffic to bother us. Most people rested well in spite of the crowded conditions in the gymnasium and community building. The tenters were located in a city park just across the street from the gym.

The leaders and Committee were invited to our suite at a local motel where we discussed the event and accepted input from them about candidates for the Spirit Award. After a short meeting we had some pizza delivered so that all could visit away from the group.

Our meeting was held outside in the park where we announced the winners of the BAK Spirit Award. This years winners were Patricia Vonsoosten from the Bodacious Route, Eleanor & Jim Gustafson from the Alluring Route and Holly Hake (Giggles) from the Kolossal Route. In addition John Hobbs was awarded the BAK Sprit Award for his outstanding support.

Along the 40.27 miles to the state line east of Pittsburgh the bikers were never out of sight. The Bodacious SAGS were located at 10 miles, Alluring SAGS at 20 miles and the Kolossal Sags at 30 miles. This gave the riders a chance to thank the SAGs one last time along the route. At the state line quite a crowd accumulated and cheered the riders as they crossed the line. There was a long line of riders that were waiting to have their picture taken at the state line. The line was long enough that I heard the police had to warn them to keep clear of the highway.

At Lincoln Park in Pittsburgh, the pop had been delivered when I arrived and soon after that, the beer arrived. We had some plastic children's swimming pools for cooling the beer and pop. We had arranged for 90 bags of ice, which proved to be adequate for our needs since the day was pleasant with temperatures in the mid 80's. Due to the picture taking and lines at the state border, the opening of the beer and pop was delayed for about 10 minutes. The famous Southeastern Kansas "Chicken Annie's" dinner arrived on schedule, and the four serving lines started ahead of schedule by a few minutes. The Menu was Fried Chicken, German coleslaw, potato salad, meatless spaghetti, and of course homemade bread and butter along with ice or tea. The riders and there families were allowed two pieces of chicken but were allowed to return for all they could eat, even then we had a large quantity of food left over.

Soon after the celebration dinner, the riders started leaving, the chartered busses loaded and departed and the park started to return to normal. By 2:30 the park was completely empty, (except for stragglers) and we departed for home with the rented trucks and vans. When we reached Wichita, we unloaded the trucks cleaned them and returned them to Penske-Hertz. We have used them for four years. They have been a pleasure to work with their equipment has been reliable and of the highest quality, not to mention the on time delivery and pleasant employees. We recommend Penske-Hertz for rental trucks.

The committee will assemble again this morning (Sunday) to finish with the returning to storage of the equipment. We still need to take a day or two to return to normal.

Larry Christie, Director NOTE!!!! Check this site again soon for an overview of BAK 1995.
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