Biking Across Kansas

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full details about Biking Across Kansas 2023

Join us for Biking Across Kansas 2023 for the classic cross-Kansas tour. Biking Across Kansas (BAK) is more than a bike ride. It’s an experience. We know you’ll enjoy great bicycling and adventure along with the generous hospitality of Kansas including beautiful landscapes, historical points of interest, great people from across the country and abroad, lots of fun and laughter, and adventures, memories, and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Biking Across Kansas (BAK) is an annual, eight-day, bicycle tour across the state of Kansas. We promote health and wellness through bicycling, the history and beauty of the Kansas landscape, and the warm hospitality of the Kansas towns and people.

BAK 2023 is a recreational and social rally for cyclists. It is not an endurance contest, a race, or a test of stamina. Each rider should set a pace agreeable to his or her own degree of expertise. Capable riders of all ages are welcome.

$335 Full-time participant, ages 18 and over (includes riders and non-riders)
$225 Junior participant, ages 6-17 years old (includes riders and non-riders)
$95 (per day) Part-time participant (anyone riding one to three days; days must be consecutive)

Minimum number of participants: 400
Maximum number of participants: 800

Note: A participant is any individual (rider or non-rider) traveling with the BAK tour.
Participants, including non-riders, of all ages must register.
There is no charge for children ages 0 to 5, but they must be registered.