A Week on the Bike
 Biking Across Kansas begins at the Colorado/Kansas state line, each of the three routes usually beginning from different starting points. The mileage on each day of the tour ranges from 50-80 miles. Cyclists are supported by SAGs, cars and trucks that stop at various spots along the route to provide water and fruit. Along the way, BAK riders explore the rural towns and visit diners, museums and chat with local citizens.
The "starting line" at the Colorado border.

Cycling through rural Kansas.
  The weather is usually warm and sometimes hot, although there have been entire days with rain showers and cooler weather. The Kansas wind is always there, either pushing riders along with strong tailwinds, or less often, making their progress more difficult with an occasional (and unwelcome) headwind. Regardless of the conditions, the ride progresses from town to town across the open farmlands and prairies.

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