Biking Across Kansas

Biking Across Kansas 2013 Information
JUNE 8-15, 2013
General Questions: Email BAK at: info13 (at)

New information about BAK 2013 will be posted here on January 29, 2013

BAK 2013 is a recreational and social rally for cyclists. It is not an endurance contest, a race or a test of stamina. Each rider should plan to set a pace agreeable to his or her own degree of expertise. All capable riders are welcome.

Adult registration fee for 2012 was $175.00 (alternate indoor/outdoor), $155.00 (tenters/motels ONLY),$140 for junior (18 and under) and $145 for senior (65 and over) riders. The fee covers overnight facilities and showers for eight nights, t-shirt, embroidered patch, route guide, some meals, celebration dinner, fresh fruit each day, truck to carry gear and other amenities.

After May 8th, a $30.00 late fee will be added to registration fee. No refunds will be made after May 8, 2013.

For those riding only a few days, the fee will be $32.00 per day. The deposit fee for active SAG drivers will be $20.00. Deposits will be returned at the end of BAK to registered SAGs who complete their full term. Children under 5 and under, who do not ride, are free. Baby-sitting service is not provided. Minimum age is 18 unless escorted by an adult at all times.

Lodging is included in the entry fee. Overnight facilities (usually schools) include showers and grounds to pitch a tent. There will be LIMITED space to unroll sleeping bags indoors, depending upon the facility. BAK cannot guarantee indoor sleeping space to all each evening, but for those who wish to sleep indoors at least part of the week, a system of alternating nights will be implemented, allowing interested participants a fair balance of tenting and indoor lodging. We strongly encourage participants to be prepared to tent outdoors if necessary. Riders must provide tents, sleeping bags, towels and other personal items. Participants are also free to reserve (at their own expense) motel rooms where available.

Bicycles are expected to be parked outside at the overnight facilities. Although BAK has never had problems with theft, some choose to bring a lock for security. Some bring a lightweight cover to protect their bicycle from the rain. Bicycle cleaning and repair work must be done outside. Facilities must be in the same, or better condition, than we found them. This means trash in the trash barrels, and no litter lying around the grounds. BAK is known for being an excellent guest and we work hard to maintain that reputation. Alarm clocks and radios are PROHIBITED in the sleeping area between the hours of 10 pm and 7 am. There shall be no cleats, food or smoking inside the lodging facilities. Kick stands shall not be used indoors.

BAK 2013 will provide one or two meals throughout the week. Those will be announced later and listed in the route guide. All other meals will be your responsibility. Often local civic groups provide meals as a fundraising project. We make every effort to notify local restaurants weeks in advance.

Personal baggage will be transported. You will be allowed two bags not to exceed 40 pounds total and not more than three cubic feet each. Due to space limitations, please pack only essential items. BAK does not permit the indoor use of sleeping cots or any other item that could damage the surface of a gymnasium floor.

Participants typically visit a local laundromat at least once during the week. Many wash their daily riding attire in the shower.

BAK keeps several support vehicles (SAGs) on the routes daily between the hours of 7:00 am and 5:00 pm (ending 10:30 AM on the final day).They provide water and fruit, as well as assistance with minor medical and mechanical problems. SAGs are placed in areas where local services are not available. Riders should plan to utilize the communities along the route and not rely solely on the SAGs for support throughout the week. BE PREPARED each day and carry emergency water, food and basic tools to repair a flat bicycle tire (pump, spare tire, patch kit, etc.).

BAK 2013 is truly a rain or shine ride - we will be moving each day regardless of weather. Rain, although not good for bicycle bearings, won’t hurt the riders as long as they stay warm. If we should have a real cloud buster, temporary shelter is sometimes available at the cities or farms that we will be passing. We don’t recommend riding in heavy rain or thunderstorms. June in Kansas can also be hot, windy and sunny—be prepared with at least two water bottles and plenty of sunscreen.

It is the shared responsibility of both organizers and participants to maintain a sanitary and healthy environment during BAK. We urge the following steps be taken to prevent the spread of contagious illness within our group. Each participant is urged to carry a container of hand sanitizer and use it frequently, along with "soap and water" hand washing on a regular basis. If you feel sick at any time during the event, please notify a BAK medic or staff member immediately. Important: Please do not join BAK if you are recovering from the flu or other potentially contagious illness. It is better to arrive later during the week when you are completely recovered, than to take the risk of spreading illness.

SAG drivers and support staff are instructed to strictly maintain sanitary conditions at each SAG stop along the route. BAK has strict policies for the handling of food items, water containers, and utensils. Participants will be expected to comply with these measures to ensure the well-being of the group.

Each entrant is responsible for transportation to the starting point at the Colorado state line, and also for pickup from the finish point. If interested in chartered bus service, contact the vendors listed below.

Bus Service from Wichita
Contact: Betty Dewitt
753 W 53rd St N, Wichita, KS 67204
316.831.0850 or 316.207.1869 cell
checks payable to: Betty Dewitt

Bus Service from Kansas City (Lawrence, Topeka, Manhattan)
Leaving Kansas City (Lenexa) Contact: Cheri and Cran Cederlind
8436 Maplewood, Lenexa, KS 66215
913.888.6310 email:

Padre's Cycle Inn will be along during the tour to provide tent set-up and other hospitality services.
Visit Padre's Cycle Inn at:
(Please note that services by Padre's Cycle Inn are provided at an additional cost and not included in BAK registration fees. Padre's Cycle Inn is a third-party vendor and interested participants will deal directly with the vendor.)

A t-shirt with the BAK 2013 color design is included with each full and part-time entry. Shirts are 100% cotton, so indicate your size accordingly. Additional t-shirts may be purchased for $10.00. A collared polo shirt with the BAK logo will be offered for $15.00, a long sleeve cotton t-shirt is offered for $15.00 ($2 extra for XXL).

To enjoy BAK 2013 to its fullest you need to be in good/excellent riding condition. It’s time now to become serious about conditioning both yourself and your bicycle. Plan training rides for as many miles as you can—the more the better. Short rides won’t do as much good as the longer ones. It is important to ride as often as possible—every day if you can. Add some long rides on weekends of 40 to 70 miles. One suggestion is that you should be able to do 30 miles in 3 hours or less. But many have found it is more enjoyable to ride at a faster pace.

If you don't like training alone, find out if there is a bicycle club in your area. Most clubs schedule rides on a weekly basis--it's a great way to meet other cyclists and learn how to ride safely within a group.

Inexperienced highway riders should study safety precautions and State laws. Generally, riders will break up into small groups that are not a traffic hazard. The State law prohibits bicycles from impeding traffic and does not allow riding more than two abreast. Single file riding, near the right-hand edge of pavement, is the safest way to travel on the highway when traffic is passing. Most of the roads on BAK tours are lightly traveled, but don’t let that cause you to lower your guard. Highway riding requires constant attention all the time.

Ride Defensively! Helmets are strongly recommended and should be worn at all times when riding.